2018 Partners

Eugreen Health Center

Presenting Sponsor of Budfest VIP Lounge, Eugreen Health Center is a locally owned and operated dispensary committed to providing the highest quality, lowest cost cannabis in the Eugene area. Medical and recreational users can enjoy a wide selection of over  25+ strains of flower, concentrates, edibles, pre-rolls, tinctures,  topicals and vapor products.  



Presenting Sponsor of The King Canna Cup.  

EVIO Labs is the leading national provider of cannabis testing, providing high quality analytical and consulting services for agricultural and biomedical industries in the United States. EVIO Labs is dedicated to providing clients with superior customer service, reliable results, and world class expertise. No matter which lab in the EVIO Labs network you choose, you will receive the same high level of accuracy, customer service, and professionalism. 


River Valley Remedies

Presenting Sponsor of the Budfest Eugene Main Stage and "Green Room" Sponsors. River Valley Remedies boasts an impressive selection of healing and recreational products including Artifact Extracts. RVR wants to redefine the way the world sees cannabis and to de-stigmatize stereotypes. Join the River Valley Remedies team  and our 2018 artists as they lounge between sets at the "Green  Room" booth located at the Budfest Main Stage and do your part to help! www.rivervalleyremedies.net

Genesis Pharms


The power to help and heal, organically stable Genesis Pharms believes in a holistic approach to plant  production and are dedicated to growing practices that promote soil health, conserve natural resources, and prevent environmental degradation. www.genesispharms.com


CANNAPAGES is a print and online resource that helps businesses  connect to consumers through three main conduits: a bi-monthly locally  printed directory & digest, comprehensive online directory, and  community involvement through sponsorship, company events and social  media. www.cannapages.com


Official King Canna Cup Drop Off Location.

GlassRoots is a family owned smoke shop, recreational dispensary and glass studio
located in Eugene, Oregon providing daily staples and quality local  designs at reasonable prices.  GlassRoots both blows glass on-site and  offers ever-changing selections from local glass, wood, ceramic, stone,  metal and water pipe artists.  www.eugeneglassroots.com


Official Budfest SMILE HIGH PHOTO BOOTH partner, Cannabliss  & Co's mission to is to carefully steward every part of the Cannabliss customer experience with utmost revere; from their carefully selected growers and products, to friendly customer service and comfortable experiences at each one of their contemporary Portland, Eugene and  Springfield locations.  Eugene's Sorority House  Cannabliss partner is located within the historic Windsor W. Calkins  House listed on the National Register of Historic Places.   Find your bliss! www.cannablissandco.com

Pedal Power Music

Pedal Power Music provides scaled bicycle-powered audio/visual systems facilitating unique, fun, interactive and educational experiences in compelling ways to connect audience to presentation. Pedal Power is about music, health and carbon-consciousness and can work closely with your organization to augment or introduce bike culture and relevance to your target demographics. www.pedalpowermusic.com


SolRevolt's "ReLi" systems use full-spectrum, intelligent lighting solutions to  complement your plants' natural sleep-wake cycles to promote efficiency in the transition between photosynthetic and growth cycles. Targeted lighting strategies deliver robust results at a lower cost than other lighting for more profitable yields. 


Fox Hollow Flora

Fox Hollow Flora is a premium cannabis producer south  of Eugene, Oregon providing high quality flowers to medical dispensaries in the Eugene area since 2013.   Nominated for and recipient of numerous flower awards, Fox Hollow Flora's goal is to  maintain responsible growth and continue exploring ways to better understand  their plants,  genetics, and their own  bar for excellence.


Deep Roots


Deep Roots won't sacrifice quality when it comes to cannabis, the service, or the environment. Deep Roots strives to provide a positive and educational experience and their team loves people and enjoys sharing what they know.  All your needs are covered in Springfield Oregon and beyond. www.deeprootscannabis.com

PNW CannaReviews #AStonerinPNWonderland

Reviews of your next new favorite canna products, tales of northwest adventure and beyond!  


Sugartop Buddery

SugarTop Buddery is the brain child of celebrated musician and cannabis  enthusiast Jarrod Kaplan and sister Anna Kaplan. The SugarTop brand  began limited recreational sales in October 2015, launching the Mondo  and Stubby Bat Pre-Roll line in addition to flower and limited  collaborative batches of shatter with Regis Philburn.  A large part of the company philosophy is supporting the arts within the  cannabis community to bring people together.  The concept of focusing  on pre-rolls is rooted in the old-school mentality of social smoking and  how passing around a joint can elevate people as well as ideas.  www.sugartopbuddery.com

Amazon Organics

Amazon Organics is Eugene’s cannabis resource for potent, natural  craft cannabis dedicated to building community and  bringing quality cannabis to the people of Oregon. 

Green Eugene Magazine


Green Eugene focuses on local Oregon cannabis culture. The magazine celebrates Eugene’s thriving cannabis industry and connects the  Eugene community to the many cannabusinesses in the area. For all those who smoke, grow or medicate – Green Eugene is your guide.  www.greeneugene.com


Treets started with three simple intentions: make damn good edibles that elevate taste and effect, give back to their communities and industry -Treets donates 5% of profits to eco-concious and cannabis-friendly organizations- and, to share a heightened perspective with the world and to "break through" to what matters. Make Give Share Treets !


Elevate Kombucha

Independant and delicious Elevate Kombucha is brewed in Eugene, Oregon


Cannaflo Farms

Cannaflo Farms is a family-owned and operated  producer located in the heart of the Willamette Valley cultivating  organically-grown flowers year-round to ensure that the communities they serve always have access to quality-crafted cannabis products. With unbroken integrity through natural cultivation methods and transparent product testing, Cannaflo utilizes  organic soil, compost teas and predatory insects to produce  clean, potent flowers and are actively and conscientiously taking steps towards converting  to large-scale no-till gardening. 


Moss Crossing

MOSS CROSSING is a locally owned and operated, modern cannabis shop & lifestyle brand who love people, cannabis, and the earth.  And sloths. 


Nick Yarger Design

Nick  Yarger is a Southern California-bred designer and illustrator who began  working in the apparel industry with clients including Lucky Jeans,   Hurley, Quiksilver, Billabong, Rip Curl and Will Leather Goods before his creative roles at Ninkasi Brewing Company and Revolution Design Group.


Neal Williams Illustration

Neal Williams is a Eugene, OR-based illustrator and screenprinter who  got his start working largely in limited edition prints and concert posters.  Neals's "gig poster" client list includes: Foo Fighters, The Avett Brothers and Queens of the Stone Age to name a few.

Eugene OG

Priding in small-batch artisan flower, Eugene OG's friendly staff provides a knowledgeable approach to cannabis  strains and product recommendation that has already earned them great rapport with happy rec and card-holder customers. With Daily Deals and their “Vibrant Hours”  specials, Eugene OG guarantees a top-shelf experience at an affordable price. www.eugeneog.com

EventStar Productions

EventStar Productions LLC is a turn-key source for professional and engaging event production and concessionaire services. From planning to execution, build some real-life fun into any size occasion or event production. www.eventstarproductions.com

Top Secret Productions / Ninkasi Studios

Founded in 2002 in Los Angeles' emerging indie underground, now operating Ninkasi Studios in Eugene, Oregon. 



Hot Tees

Hot Tees specialize in custom, on-site apparel printing for events and  screen printed apparel orders. Contact the Hot Tees Center For T-Shirt  Excellence to see how they can take your printed apparel to the next  level.


TJ's Boutique Dispensaries

TJ’s is a boutique purveyor of award-­winning cannabis based in the Pacific Northwest. "Down­-to­-earth" farmers skillfully cultivate every plant and are regarded for leading practices, deep respect  for nature, and passion for helping others find happiness naturally.   Each TJ's location offers hand­picked collections of flowers, edibles, and extracts and are all uniquely designed for the comfort of first time or aficionado visitors.