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Budfest Eugene's KING CANNA CUP 2018 presented by evio labs

Compete with top cannabis cultivators, producers and home growers in The King Canna Cup!

Winners from 12 distinct product competition categories will receive King Canna trophy glass art by Mente Alves, honorable public mention in Budfest marketing and advertising, bragging rights and more....

Category winners will vie for “Best In Show” for TWO TICKETS TO MAUI, HAWAII !

$250 entry fee per category submission.

Multiple category and strain entries are permitted. 

Testing results required for all entries

EVIO Labs is the leading national provider of accredited cannabis testing, providing high quality analytical and consulting services.

*certified product data is required for King Canna Cup submissions.

King Canna Cup 2018 Registration Period: CLOSED

Pro and homegrower strain testing and results are required

Prepare for Cannabis Product Testing

How to prepare for cannabis product testing services for professionals and home-growers:  888-544-3846

Cannabis Testing and Research

EVIO Labs is the leading national provider of accredited cannabis testing, providing high quality analytical and consulting services for agricultural and biomedical industries in the United States. EVIO Labs is dedicated to providing clients with superior customer service, reliable results, and world class expertise. No matter which lab in the EVIO Labs network you choose, you will receive the same high level of accuracy, customer service, and professionalism. 

Cannabis Product Testing FAQs

Homegrowers! Learn what the professionals already know and let EVIO Labs help you navigate the cannabis product testing process for all King Canna Cup strain registration categories.  

JUDGE: Luke Zimmerman Esq. LL.M

Luke Zimmerman Esq. LL.M is a California based attorney who has been a pioneer for protecting intellectual property for cannabis businesses. He is a graduate from the University of Oregon, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, and the University of Amsterdam. Luke jokes that he “received his undergraduate degree in cannabis while living in Eugene and his Phd in cannabis while studying in Amsterdam.“ He is an instructor at Oaksterdam University and has lectured internationally on intellectual property trends in the cannabis industry.

JUDGE: Tom Lauerman; “Farmer Tom”

Tom Lauerman, more affectionately known as “Farmer Tom“ is an expert in his field and the owner of ‘The Garden of the Green Sun’ Farm in Vancouver, Washington, Farmer Tom has welcomed students from around the world to his farm to learn organic growing techniques for fruits, vegetables, and medicinals. He teaches in small, intimate settings, where students have the opportunity to experience a “hands on” education. Likewise, Medical Marijuana Patients have benefitted from Farmer Tom’s expertise in growing Cannabis and in the extraction processes used in Cannabis based herbal remedies. A popular speaker at Cannabis and Hemp related Events, Farmer Tom is also a guest blogger and contributor to numerous publications such as ‘The Columbian;’ ‘Cannabis Chronicles;’ and ‘The Cannabis Daily Record.’

Farmer Tom is the most recognizable Organic Cannabis Farmer in the industry, where his brand and likeness embody a clean, outdoor living and organic lifestyle – fulfilling his life mission. He is a passionate activist, a member of the Washington State Cannabis Commission Formation Committee, and he has worked with WA state LCB to legalize all concentrates. He is an advocate for creating standards in the cannabis industry to ensure safety and efficacy, and he is the first farmer to work directly with any federal agency (NIOSH).

JUDGE: Jessi Cox

Jessi Cox is founder and CEO of Cannabistaff, a cannabis industry staffing and recruitment agency serving the US and Canada with over 200 temp-to-hire employees. Jessi also fills the chief sales officer role for Red Wing Farms, works in strategic partnership with Packaging Brothers and along with her her husband Travis Cox, built and sold CannabiSoft, a cannabis software company based in Portland, Oregon who specialize in  compliance reports, risk mitigation and block chain management procedures. Jessi is proud to have consulted and served multiple canna-industry brands such as Meraki Gardens, Craft Growers, MMJ  Canada, Harvest Direct Enterprises, Eek, D&S Solutions, 420Tech,  Empower Clinics as well as multiple cannabis labs, realtors and ancillary businesses with sales, marketing, staffing, permitting and operations since her start in the industry. Her respected and unrivaled palate for tastes and terpenes are another set of "soft skills" she's excited to bring to the forefront as official judge in the King Canna Cup.

JUDGE: Abe Fleishman

Abe Fleishman has been involved in the functional glass movement for over 20 years pioneering colored glass supply materials for artists and pipe makers all over the world.  As owner of Northstar Glassworks located in Portland, Oregon, he boasts a long tenure in the evolving cannabis landscape making him a perfect contributor to the King Canna Cup judging panel.  Drawing from a wealth of experience since his involvement in the starting steps of proposition 215 in California, Abe has had profound influence over the evolution of the myriad of smoking devices we now commonly enjoy and has even owned a few medical dispensaries "back in the day."  With an appreciation of artistic expression, commitment to plying objective and deep experience judging Oregon’s finest cannabis strains and products with no bias, Abe contributes to elevating the King Canna Cup competition standards with ease.